A 30 Min Video can be seen on you tube just click the link below


I Started my professional career as an Entertainer in 1977, based in Inverness, the capital of the Highlands was Offered a contract with Country House Records, now known as ScotDisc and recorded my first Country album.Which was produced by Sidney Devine,I then went on to perform with some of Scotlands leading Entertainers before releasing my 2nd Country album for Ross Records.

.My first Television Appearance was on "Thingummyjig" For Scottish Television in 1982.

Working as an extra in television shows such as Taggart, Michael Winners True Crimes, Crime Limited. and the Alleyn Mysteries, has become a regular feature of my career. the Highlight was having coffee and talking with" John Hurt" on the set of ROB ROY.



A 30 Min Video can be seen on you tube just hit the link below Filming With Ronnie Ross. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0OkaMmGjUU

On the set of Rab C Nesbit in Glasgow City Centre.

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Filming "Taggart"

The next move was to Outlet records in Belfast where I have recorded 3 albums of Scottish songs,.and have since appeared on many other television shows, including "Rab C Nesbitt",and Veronica Television in Holland.

As a youngster at school I had always enjoyed listening to Entertainers like Andy Stewart, The Alexander Brothers, Moira Anderson, Sydney Devine, and many other Scottish Artistes and it has been a great privileage to have worked with and become great friends with many of them ,

The Alleyn Mysteries
I now work mainly in Scotland Entertaining tourists from around the world, with a mixture of Country & Scottish songs.

2002 and 2003 I Appeared at the Scottish Highland Festival in Sarasota,Florida USA .With Alex Beaton"Left" and with Eddie Devine "Right we had a fun time Entertaining Thousands of People at the Showground.

And In "2009" I was Awarded two Silver Discs. for sales of Scottish Cd's in Ireland. From ARRAN RECORDS .



SARASOTA County Fair FLORIDA. 2002