50 Scottish Singalong Songs


Disc 1

Big Kilmarnock Bunnet

The Hiking Song

Take me Back

Flower of Scotland

A Gordon for Me

These are my Mountains

Westering Home

Haste Ye Back

Maries Wedding


Doon in the wee Room

Donald where's Yer Trousers

Ye Canny shuve yer granny aff a bus

Bonny mary of Argyle

My love is like a red red rose

My ain Folk

A scottish Soldier


Grannie's hieland Hame

Auld lang syne









Disc 2

Lassie come and dance wi me

Road to the Isles

Wi'a Hundred Pipers

Coming through the Rye

Bonnie wee jeanie McCall

Stop yer tickling Jock

Barn yards of Delgaty

Lets have a Ceilidh

I love a Lassie

Come along come along

The Dark Island

The skye boat Song

Mull of Kintyre

Ye banks and Braes

The road and the miles to Dundee

Scotland the Brave

Annie Laurie

Rowan Tree

Wee deoch and Doris

No awa tae bide Awa


I belong to Glasgow

Song of the Clyde


My bonnie lies over the Ocean

Bluebells of Scotland

Keep right on to the End

Loch Lomond

The Tartan

Nut brown Maiden